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  • Imvirtus, Inc. provides excellence to all of our clients. Our engineers are well seasoned and skilled with a wide range of technological knowledge. They represent and exemplify our reputation of passion, creativity, and ethics. Utilizing the latest in process improvement, and IT IL methodologies Imvirtus, Inc. is always inventing new ways to efficiently serve our customers.

    See our"Case Studies" to provide further insight on how Imvirtus, Inc. can help improve your business and deliver greatness! These and many more case studies are available to better help you understand how we, at Imvirtus, Inc. have helped other companies just like yours to see the benefits in our solutions and services.

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  • Imvirtus, Inc. knows that SMB's in particular, are looking for technologies and tools to help them consolidate their communications architectures, integrate applications, and reduce cost of ownership.

    We offer a powerful telephony engine with robust features at a price you can afford. You don't need to spend time trying to figure out complicated"a la carte" menus of features and pricing. You pay one low price for a comprehensive communications package with all the features day one.

    Imvirtus, Inc. has the right telephony solutions for you through our partnership with Digium Switchvox. Switchvox is used by thousands of companies in more than 170 countries who rely on Digium phone systems such as IBM, US Army, Google, Yahoo, UPENN, and many more. Ready for a Demonstration?

    To find out more or set up a demonstration CONTACT US!

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  • Imvirtus, Inc. can help you choose from a wide range of products highlighting areas such as Open Cloud Networking that will return the power to you, the customer. We will help you to have the power of maximum choice, complete architectural freedom and the experience of uncompromised price and performance!

    Force10 Networks is a global technology leader that data center, service provider and enterprise customers rely on when the network is their business. Imvirtus, Inc. specializes in providing your company with high-performance solutions that are designed to deliver new economics by virtualizing and automating Ethernet networks.

    How is this possible? We can show you how!

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  • There is no escaping virtualization. Many companies are either already deploying virtualization, or considering it. Imvirtus, Inc. professionals understand the virtual computing market because we were here from the very beginning. Growing up with the technology allows us to have a mature perspective and unique ability to determine what is for real and what is a short lived convulsion.

    If you are looking to virtualize - servers, desktops, or applications Imvirtus, Inc. can help. Don't be sucked into the cloud without consulting with one of our seasoned professionals. Many have allowed their IT budgets to go up in smoke chasing the cloud and what it is proclaimed to offer. There is a better way – Imvirtus, Inc.

    Find out exactly how public/private cloud, or simply a form of virtualization can deliver the promise of cloud your business seeks. To learn more please see our case studies.

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  • Imvirtus, Inc. is one of the few Dell partners to have achieved ISV (Independent Software Vendor) status with Dell. This unique position allows us to work strategically with our customers to provide customized hybrid solutions leveraging Dell's award winning solutions and infrastructure as well as developing new innovative ways to manage and host services with Dell as a partner.

    The move towards medical homes, improved care coordination and patient centered care within developing Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) requires new processes and technologies that leverage all of the data across information systems and care providers to make possible a new level of collaboration and knowledge-sharing both within and between evolving healthcare delivery systems.

    To be successful in presenting medical imaging and other critical information, IT solutions must rely on a cloud-based clinical archive and hosted managed services that makes providers and their underlying systems ubiquitous and foundational to the central goal of cost-reduction and effectively improving the health of entire populations.

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