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"We believe that creating an environment that embraces and encourages change becomes an opportunity to learn and excel".

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Imvirtus, Inc. is a results-driven organization with extensive experience delivering optimum solutions and maximum ROI. Repeated success guiding enterprise efforts and leveraging consultative strategies to align efforts to business objectives.

Founded in 2008, Imvirtus, Inc. is dedicated to “changing the way you look at your business”. Over the past 20+ years we have participated in the amazing evolution of technology, the role it has played in our lives, and ultimately how business is conducted. Recognizing that this level of change will continue and become more profound inevitably was our call to action.


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With the formation of Imvirtus, Inc. we instinctively knew that our core values would be rooted in our passion for learning, and the opportunity to change. We knew to achieve this we must foster aspiration, engage in reflective conversation, and understanding the complexities of our customers. We believe that creating an environment that embraces and encourages change becomes an opportunity to learn and excel.

Our team is ready to assist you in reigniting the enthusiasm your company was founded on by providing solutions that will change the way you look at your business. There are many problems that technology can solve, however, technology alone is not always the answer. There are many times when simply having the right partner offering the correct guidance will save you both time and money. Imvirtus, Inc. cannot only help you plan your next technology initiative - we can help plan your future.


Working with our staff you will quickly recognize our enthusiasm to listen and engage in helping to solve the problems you face. Dedicated to teamwork and communication we can help reignite the spark of genuine learning and enthusiasm your company was founded on. Our business consultants are committed to the study of corporate change and learning initiatives such as, LEAN, SIX-SIGMA, Fifth Discipline, and others. This coupled with their technical acumen and personal mastery is what Imvirtus, Inc. represents.

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