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Diagnosis Interrupted: DWR = Distracted While Reading - it's a killer...


As concluded in articles written by Dr Akash, Yu, Mongan, and others it could be said that there is a silent killer in the Radiology Suite - and it’s being revealed as distraction and disruption of the radiologist. More and more radiologist are complaining they are unable to achieve a high-efficiency reading rhythm due to phone calls, emails, instant messages, interactions with patients, and referring - as suggested by the articles. I believe they falls short by not blaming technology as well as they believe they must accept what they are provided as the best tools available.

I would like to submit to the researchers that “under-performing legacy technologies” contribute equally to the problem of distraction and lead to a loss in quality and efficiency.

Are you ready for the Bio-Neuro-Net?


Brain-to-Brain, Brain-to-Multi-Brain, Brain-to-Cloud, and Brain-to-Machine -when will we get to try it all out? There is currently much research underway attempting and in some cases succeeding at connecting brains together using electroencephalography and transcranial magnetic stimulation to name a few.

What happens when this technology becomes a reality and we start seeing entirely new networks of communication emerge like wireless interconnects to a bio-neuro-network accompanied by new organization, and chaos? What will we do with it? How will humanity evolve? What will we use it for - good or for evil?

TECHNOLOGY ASSIMILATION: What’s the priority when developing a new technology - humanity or machine?


Since the invention of machines - such as calculators, typewriters, computers, smart phones, and tablets inventors have built mechanisms to enable humanity to interface with them, i.e. keypads, mice, touch screens, monitors, stylus, and joysticks to name a few.

With the release of each “promising new product” humans are forced to learn new ways to interact and communicate with them. In some cases humans have been forced to adapt physically to input devices, unfamiliar mechanics, and sometimes even required to learn new languages altogether such as Palm OS Graffiti (for anyone old enough to remember).


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