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Dell Clinical Cloud Archive

December 12, 2012

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 As the medical community moves toward clinical collaboration with a new standard of patient care, medical imaging must move toward a new model of data management. With the increases in the volume of clinical imaging procedures demanding more storage on multiple systems, the medical community requires technology solutions that can do more than simply store electronic patient data. It requires long-term archiving solutions that help manage the data into a patient-centric record, manage the data for compliance, mitigate risk of data loss, enable easy search and retrieval, and make the data available to all healthcare providers at the point of patient care.

Today’s hospital CIOs and PACS (Picture Archiving and Communications Systems) administrators need to expand storage capacity while simplifying infrastructure. Important challenges include:


• Implementing or upgrading PACS and other clinical applications across facilities without downtime and data migrations.

 • Overcoming technology obsolescence and constrained financial resources.

• Enabling business continuity through data protection and disaster recovery.

• Enable compliance with federal “meaningful use” requirements.

• Reducing the Total Cost of Ownership by controlling total expense of data management, while increasing margins to address declining reimbursements.


Imagine a data management and archiving solution that makes every diagnostic image for a patient available to multiple caregivers at the point of care:

• No more searching through multiple systems that don’t communicate with one another.

• No more risky, painful data migrations.

• No more disruption of clinical workflows when managing IT systems or adding storage.


Deploy all these solutions at your facility with Dell’s UCA built around Intel® Xeon® Processors enabling Energy-Efficiency and high-performance for more sophisticated storage capabilities. The solution enables easy data retrieval and secure data sharing for the clinician, while simplifying management and maintenance overhead for IT. With the ability to integrate with leading PACS applications and multiple deployment modes, Dell’s UCA is a flexible, end-to-end solution for hospitals and practices of all sizes.

Dell’s Unified Clinical Archive Solution

Dell’s UCA solution is designed to be infinitely scalable, yet secure and recoverable in the event of a disaster, while maintaining compliance with regulatory standards.


Scalable— Dell’s UCA solution integrates with industry leading PACS delivered either locally or remotely through an Archiving-as-a-Service model. These solutions enable you to easily manage medical imaging data objects thatadhere to standards-based IHE (Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise) protocols of DICOM and non-DICOM fileformats (including XDS-I), providing ease of sharing and exchange in an application-neutral enterprise archive. AndDell’s UCA solution provides a standards-based approach to ensure high availability and full support for automatedIHE integrated workflow.


Secure and Recoverable — The Dell On-Premise Clinical Archive can be paired with the Dell Cloud Clinical Archive for off-site disaster recovery. Two copies of every image are stored in separate locations, providing robust and secure disaster recovery.


Compliant — The intelligent data management system of Dell’s UCA consolidates data for each patient from all yourPACS and proprietary clinical applications into a standards-based platform that is optimized for retention, recoveryand distribution. Core components UCA are listed with FDA, upholds HIPAA guidelines and uses standards-basedworkflow protocol confirming to IHE guidelines. Our processes also meet regulatory requirements for MedicalDevices – Quality Management Systems (ISO13485:2003 certified). The archiving platform complies with IT needs,as well, by providing automated and secure policy-based retention, replication, distribution and self-healing, so ITstaff will spend less time on routine maintenance.



Ten quick takeaways on Dell’s Unified Clinical Archive Solution

1. End-to-end solution for medical image archive from a single source

Dell brings in best of breed solutions for medical image archiving in an integrated package. With advanced storage features using Intel’s Xeon® Processors, it manages, archives and protects data without sacrificing performance.

2. Unparalleled choice and flexibility

The solution is tested and validated to work with a range of PACS applications and Vendor Neutral Archive software platforms. Dell works with multiple partners to provide customers with a validated single source solution for their archiving needs.

3. Multiple business models for deployment

Solution can be configured as a combination of On-Premise and Cloud based Archive with end-to-end consulting, deployment and support services.

4. Centralize application neutral data management

All medical imaging data is moved to a common storage platform so you spend less time and money managing multiple data silos. Lets you maintain control of your data no matter what vendors individual departments choose.

5. Affordable, future proof and scalable storage

One-time, pay-per-study pricing model for cloud based managed archival services lets you pay for archive from operating funds. Even for the On-Premise solution, as needs increase and technology improves, simply add the latest, most efficient storage without replacing existing hardware.

6. Empower enterprise-wide data sharing and collaboration

Standards-based enterprise-wide archive to drive sharing of data between multiple clinical applications and cross enterprise data sharing/collaboration through Health Information Exchange.

7. Efficient disaster recovery strategy

The Dell Cloud Clinical Archive stores 2 copies of every image at geographically separate locations thereby providing an efficient disaster recovery strategy without your organization having to maintain and manage a second data center.

8. Maintain data protection and compliance

The solution includes safeguards to protect confidentiality, integrity and availability of patient information to promote HIPAA compliance for our clients. Core components of UCA are listed with FDA and our processes meet regulatory requirements for Medical Devices – Quality Management Systems (ISO13485:2003 certified). The solution also uses standards-based workflow protocol confirming to IHE guidelines to facilitate secure cross-enterprise data sharing.

9. Leveraging archive for business continuity

With our integrated web-based viewer customers get direct access to medical images in the cloud thereby providing business continuity in the event of a disaster or if the PACS server is down.

10. Last data migration you will ever need



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