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Are you ready for the Bio-Neuro-Net?

October 17, 2015

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 Brain-to-Brain, Brain-to-Multi-Brain, Brain-to-Cloud, and Brain-to-Machine -when will we get to try it all out? There is currently much research underway attempting and in some cases succeeding at connecting brains together using electroencephalography and transcranial magnetic stimulation to name a few. 

Communication between brain networks in people given psilocybin (right) or a non-psychedelic compound (left). Petri et al./Proceedings of the Royal Society Interface

What happens when this technology becomes a reality and we start seeing entirely new networks of communication emerge like wireless interconnects to a bio-neuro-network accompanied by new organization, and chaos? What will we do with it? How will humanity evolve? What will we use it for - good or for evil?

What can we expect to be able to do with it? Will we be able to impart our ideas and knowledge into the minds of others for collective analysis, and problem solving? Will traditional education be obsolete? Will we simply upload skills and abilities like in the Matrix? Will we turn onoff lights and garage doors with thoughts alone? Will we be able to sync our brains with our smart connected homes and autos to share our itineraries and calendars with other family members, HVAC, and other utilities to make our homes, and autos more energy efficient and responsive to our immediate needs? Will we establish and share a GUBA “Globally Unique Brain Address” ) which allows us bidirectional linkage to other connected objects, devices, and people in the world around us. 

What can you imagine coming from this technology?

What type of products will emerge? Who will index all the data - google, government, or an unknown? Who will own and maintain the Global Roles and Responsibilities database allowing or denying access to connected resources, devices, and persons? Who will be the first to make security products to protect our most private thoughts (a bio-wall)? Will there be viruses? Will hackers be able to maliciously interfere with bio-functions? Will we get compensated if someone finds information in our brain that they want to access? How will it change medicine? Can we upload positive thoughts into a cancer patient to promote healing or can we actually cure with mind over matter?

So many possibilities and concerns is it worth trying to achieve?

These questions will need to be discussed and answered. There are many serious debates that need to take place that involve science, religion, governmental, moral, and more.

Rest assured this research will continue and with one major breakthrough we can be well on our way to realizing the inevitable - singularity.

The possibilities are limitless and the crowd potential to solving life's problems are beyond comprehension.

Do you think we will see this in our lifetime?

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